Week of Prayer for North American Missions

We have a very special opportunity as a church to both grow together in our knowledge and understanding of what it means to be on this mission from God and a real and practical opportunity to live that out in the coming week. 


We have written 5 devotions for a Week of Prayer for North American Missions. We would like to encourage and challenge you to try to gather together with groups of friends at work to go through these with you at the start or end of your lunch break or do this as a family devotion at home and maybe invite some other families from your neighborhood each night after dinner to join you. You could gather together as small groups from your Sunday School class in homes throughout the week and maybe try to invite unchurched friends.

However you choose to go through these, we just ask that you do. Commit the time to work and pray through these together as a church. God can do great things through a group of people who covenant together for His glory in all the world.