Day 5


There is a fairly new strategy that missionaries have begun to use on the field that has started to show some promising results. This new strategy uses families to reach families. We have learned that throughout our past, sometimes we ran into trouble in two ways,

  1. There have been times that we raised up national parters who were church planters and we sent them out with everything they needed to succeed but they soon burned out from the workload they faced and the struggles they encountered from spending so much time away from their families. 
  2. We also learned that new converts on the field were also struggling when we would help to lead them to Christ and then they would immediately be ostracized from their family, community, and everything they knew without any support system with which to build them up and strengthen them along with the way. 

One possible answer to these two issues is: reach families with families. We started to ask, "what if we taught our national partners to go out and do their work with their families? What if we taught them to use their children and husband or wife to help open doors for the gospel that they could never hope to open on their own? What if we taught them to disciple and evangelize an entire family unit all at the same time so that when we helped them lead into a decision to follow Christ, they would immediately have their "whole world" right there with them on this journey. 

What if this wasn't only a good plan for our national partners and new converts? What if this was a good plan for missionary families too? Of all the MKs (missionary kids) I've ever known and spoken with, there is a clear difference in the way they view God and this mission when their parents included them in their work and when they didn't. What if including our family and children in our ministry is the best way for us to do ministry here in our lives as well? God created the family to live life together, to learn, to experience, to grow in, and to process every aspect of this life together

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Ephesians 6:4 – Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.


  • How could or does praying and doing a family devotion together each day positively affect your family?
  • How could or has serving on mission together positively affected your family and your work?
  • What are some of the fears and challenges that come with doing the previous two questions?
  • What are some practical ways that we can begin to be families who are rooted in this mission and this mission is the at the center of all we are as a family?

Prayer Focus:

Today we are going to pray for MKs. Growing up on the field is a difficult and great blessing. Sometimes we call these kids "Third Culture Kids" or "TCKs" because they can at times struggle to feel at home and comfortable in any culture, including the culture of their parents or the culture in which they live. Because of this, sometimes they struggle to know where they fit on a deep level but at the same time they often have the ability to adapt and fit into almost any situation anywhere. TCKs can struggle with attachment while also be great at letting things go. Pray for our TCKs. Pray for their relationships with their families and with God. Pray that they and their parents find ways to integrate them into their work. Lastly, pray for our own families. Pray that we grow in this mission together.