Day 4


James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.


Prayer is both the simplest and most profound and powerful thing that we can do for the glory of God to spread in the hearts of all people around the world. It can be such a simple thing to spend time each day in prayer for this mission to come alive in you, in others who go, and in those who need to hear. At the same time if we believe the truth of scripture, that God is moved by the prayers of His people, it can be the single greatest and most impactful way that we can be in obedience to our Great Commission. 

What does prayer do...

  1. Prayer puts us into a posture of worship before God. Far too often we live for our own glory and not God's. Prayer is essential to someone who wants to keep God and themselves in the right place of Worshiped and worshiper. 

  2. Prayer identifies us with those we pray about, with, and for. With investment comes ownership. If we give of our time and of our emotional and physical energy (this is why sometimes a literal humble posture of prayer can be powerful), we can begin to feel an ownership in the success of this mission that will impact how we live for it. If we truly want to see ourselves grow in an area that God is leading us to grow in, we should begin to pray for it relentlessly and we will probably find ourselves remembering it more and being more motivated to pursue it.  

  3. Prayer moves God and us. I don't know how this works in God's sovereignty but I don't have to in order to see that it is true in scripture. Numerous times, God acted based on the petitions of His people. If we truly believe in the importance of this mission we should be praying for and about it. Also, prayer moves us. The arena of prayer is one of the most powerful times that God shapes our hearts for what breaks His. 

(watch the video below now)


  • Why is it important to be reminded about God's rightful place in our lives through prayer?
  • How does prayer help us to be on mission for God?
  • What are some practical ways that we can begin to incorporate prayer and specifically prayer toward the Great Commission more into our lives?

Prayer Focus:

Pray today that we would become more active people of prayer. Pray that we grow in our understanding of the call and benefits of prayer. Pray for God to move in us and in the world for His glory.