Day 2


Our video today is an incredibly powerful time together with some retired IMB missionaries. Each of these individuals have spent decades overseas in some of the darkest and most difficult places to live and serve in the world. Most all of them raised their families there and have given their lives to this mission. 

Today we discuss what a missionary is, what a missionary does, and why we are all called to be missionaries. All Christians are missionaries. Missionaries are just Christians who seek to live to make disciples of others. Missionaries understand that discipleship should be cross-cultural and reproducible. 

Cross-cultural discipleship focuses on becoming like Christ. It ignores living to fit a religious mold. It understands that if something is impossible to do or to understand by brothers and sisters around the world, then it probably isn't necessary. 

Reproducible discipleship says that disciples must make disciples. Those who know Christ and are growing in Him will share Him with others who haven't heard and will share Christ with others as they grow together in the church. 

(Watch the video below now)


John 17:17-18, "Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world."


  • What is a missionary?
  • A Christian's greatest joy should be living out our walk with Christ for the glory of God in relationships with others. What are some practical ways that this should change how we live our lives whether by things we should start doing, stop doing, or just do differently?
  • Our scripture passage today talks about us being sanctified, or us becoming more like Christ, by being sent out into the world. What are some ways that these missionaries talked about being different by living a life to reach the lost for Christ and what are some other ways that God has changed you through being on mission for Him?

Prayer Focus:

Today we are going to pray for our international missionaries. Pray and praise God for their faithfulness to serve and give up everything for this mission. Pray that God will raise up other labors for the harvest and that we and they will answer His call. Pray for their work. Pray for openness and receptiveness to the gospel by the people they are trying to reach. Pray for their families there with them and the ones they left behind here. Pray for their health, strength, perseverance, hope, heartache, struggles, and joys.