October 21  •  4:00 pm

sign up sheets available in your Sunday school class or the church office


     What is D-Life?

Jesus commanded us to make disciples 
(Mt. 28:18-20). What if everyone in the church could be fully equipped to live a lifestyle of discipleship?

This is the purpose of D-Life. D-Life is an organic, simple and intentional process for equipping all believers for a lifestyle of making and multiplying disciples.

     Living the D-Life is . . .

It’s a proven plan for multiplying disciples anytime and anywhere.

It’s not a new program, but it’s a lifestyle modeled after thE example of Christ.

It’s Bible-centered, evangelistic, multigenerational, reproducible, and transformational.

It will not compete with other ministries in your church; it will complete them.

It will equip and empower believers for their supreme purpose in life.

    Through living the D-Life you will see . . .

More people of all ages will begin to read the Bible daily.

Ministry and evangelism outside the walls of the church will increase.

D-Groups will engage the lost and unchurched and lead others to Christ.

Spiritual strongholds will be broken, lives will be transformed, baptisms will increase, and your community will be impacted.

Unexpected leaders will commit to a lifetime of multiplying disciples.

Your people will celebrate many exciting stories of spiritual transformation as you ignite a grassroots disciple-making movement in your church.